Pay your way at your micro market

Shop. Scan. Pay.

It's as easy as that when you visit an Avanti Market.  And paying for purchases are just that simple too.

Avanti Market cardsmarket card.png

The Avanti Market card is a barcoded key tag that is associated with your established account and accesses a stored value to pay for purchases.  Account balances can be replenished at the kiosk
or online. 

Credit or debit cardsBank Cards.png

You can use most major credit or debit cards or even gift cards issued by the major card brands.

Mobile paymentsNFC.png

Just scan your smartphone at the kiosk to make your purchase using the Avanti Markets mobile app,
Apple PayTM, Samsung PayTM or
Android PayTM.  Just scan and go!

Fingerprint paymentsFingerprint.png

Making purchases can be as simple as pressing a fingerprint at the payment kiosk.  Users can associate their fingerprint with their Avanti Markets account to
add even more options for buying at
the market.

Our employees love the Avanti Market card.  It's so easy to use!

Annie Office Manager


Employer based programs

There are several ways employers can add value for your employees and pa when a micro market is installed at your location.

  • Healthy choice product selection and discounting for nutritious food options purchased at the market. Options can include organic, gluten-free and lowfat selections.  Employers can also provide discounts on items that promote health and wellness.

  • Direct payroll deduction for market purchases can be an added value to any company's food program as a part of your employee benefits.

  • Meal allowances can be provided as an employer subsidy for organizations that are required to provide meals or as an added bonus to staff.

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