How does Smart N Go work?

Once a customer's payment method has been validated, they may enjoy all the benefits of a self-service micro market in a public location, including: 

  • extensive product selection
  • 24/7 convenience
  • cutting-edge technology
  • secure, easy shopping.


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Product Line Solutions

Smart N Go features three main product lines: 

    • an intelligent micro market solution that captures consumer product selections real-time as items are removed from each display unit
    • an enhanced security micro market solution that works just like a traditional micro market—where customers scan item bar codes— but accessing the products from behind a locked door.
  3. SMART E
    • standalone unit offered in both intelligent and scan form ATS.
    • received one of NAMA's 2019 People's Choice Awards for the "SmartE" solution in the New Product Zone.
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Modular Configurations to Fit Most Spaces

 Smart N Go can be set up to address the specific needs of your customers.

  • Main Station for consumer interaction: print receipts, create and add funds to member card, present how to videos
  • Ambient Display: Snacks, Sundries
  • Refrigerated Display: Fresh Food & Beverages
  • Freezer Display (coming soon)
  • Coffee & Microwave also available


This product line allows Operators to provide their customers with a secure, personalized solution.

  • Can be configured as a compact single, stand-alone unit or a combination of beverage coolers, refrigerators, freezers and even fresh coffee to provide a full micro market solution.


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