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About the Smart N Go Division

Avanti Markets, a leader in the micro market industry, offers an innovative line of secure, unattended, self-service retail markets through an exclusive agreement with New Age Pavilions LLC.  Avanti Markets has formed the Smart N GoTM Division to drive the product rollout. 


Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets, shares “We are thrilled to be involved with New Age Pavilions on the Smart N Go line of products.  The Smart N Go secured and intelligent micro market solutions address the demand for secure, unattended, self-service refreshments in public and highly-transient locations where micro markets are not appropriate due to concerns about theft, but the Operator wants to give their customer a much more expanded offering than traditional vending.  The need for calorie and nutritional disclosure is no longer required since the customer can read labeling before making a purchase.” 


With Smart N Go, a broader array of products can be offered and are secured behind locked doors that are opened only through payment preauthorization with credit/debit card, fingerprint, mobile pay, or member card.  Consumers in public locations can enjoy all the benefits of a self-service micro market:  extensive product selection, 24/7 convenience, cutting-edge technology, and secure, easy shopping.  Offering a variety of fresh salads and sandwiches to favorite drinks and snacks, the Smart N Go market makes getting a quick, healthy meal or treat easy!


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“We are experiencing enormous excitement among consumers who love this concept and use it daily. Consumers are repeatedly complimenting the installations and enjoy its convenient, quick and friendly way to shop.”

Ron Hay, CEO and Founder of New Age Pavilions