Innovative, Secure, Intelligent

Expand your micro market business to new customer locations

Micro markets continue to expand.  Consumers love the ability to choose healthy options, touch products, read labels, and even select from fresh and frozen treats.

But some locations just don’t fit the open market concept—like public settings or transient  locations that can suffer from high shrink. That’s where Smart N Go solutions can help.

Meeting the demand

Smart N Go's intelligent micro market solutions address the demand for secure, unattended, self-service refreshments for these locations--like college campuses or shared tenant buildings.

Plus, with Smart N Go, a broader array of products can be offered than traditional vending and are secured behind locked doors that are opened only through payment preauthorization with credit/debit card, fingerprint, mobile pay, or member card. 



Watch this video below to learn how Smart N Go solutions work and will allow your customers to swipe, grab and go!




How can Smart N Go expand your business?

Expanding available product choice and payment options for consumers.

Reducing theft that can be an issue in public and transient population locations.

Answering consumer needs to check out products before purchase.

When will it be available? 

Smart N Go will launch with select operators in late 2018, in preparation for broad national rollout in 2019. 

How can I receive more info?

To learn more about Smart N Go, please contact your Avanti Markets account manager or email or fill out the form above.