Offer Fresh & Healthy Options 

Unattended food service solutions for medical facilities' staff lounges, waiting areas and more!
SMARTNGO Solutions for Your Facility

Where do you have
food service needs?

Avanti Markets can elevate the food service options throughout your medical center. No matter what space or population you are serving, we have a custom unattended solution available at little or no cost to you. 

Save on staffing, logistics, and other resources while providing a premium value to your visitors and staff.


Employee Lounge
A micro market, with convenient, fresh and healthy self-serve options, can provide a great place for employees to catch a break and connect with colleagues.
Untitled design-140
A Smart N Go Market is perfect for any high-traffic area with public access. Provide secure, quick and healthy options for your on-site visitors at any time of day or night.
Cafeteria or Gift Shop
Need to replace a café? Want a gift shop that can be open 24/7 without staff? With Express by Avanti Markets, users simply scan-in, shop and walk out. No check-out lines required!



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