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In today’s fast paced world, consumers are looking for refreshment that is fast, easy and unfettered.  With Express, by Avanti Markets, it’s as simple as shop and go. 

No lines, no hassles.  Just what consumers are looking for

In this exclusive offering for Avanti micro market operators, Express can take your business from the corporate breakroom into your communities. 

Take it to the next Level.


Powered by Intelligent Techologies

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Consumers will be able to pick out their products and they will be automatically added to their virtual cart through artificial intelligence technologies with computer visions, deep learning capabilities and sensor fusion. Even if the shopper decides to put an item back, the technology will recognize their behavior and delete it from the cart. Once consumers have all of their items, they can simply exit the Express market and the Express system will send a receipt to their phone after payment processing.

Express users can even gift snacks and drinks to other Express users and they can pick it up in the store in-person. The technology is also adaptable for non-app users. If a registered Express user is with someone who is not registered, they can simply swipe them in and all of their collective items will be virtually carted under the registered account for payment.


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